April 15th is coming, and I am sure you’re feeling the pain of your tax burden. Now is the time to start doing something about it, so that this year and the years to come you are taking every legal tax break you deserve.

Wealth building Attorney Drew Miles has the strategies you need. He knows the inside tips that wealthy people around the country use to shelter their assets and incomes in order to pay less than 10 percent on their total annual salaries and assets — and he’s willing to share them with you now.

“The super rich pay single digit taxes reportedly as low as 4 to 5 percent while you are getting creamed,” says Miles. “Between Federal, State and Social Security taxes, the average American taxpayer pays about 50 percent in taxes. I want to help people recoup those losses and put that money back in their pockets, where it belongs.

According to the IRS Americans overpay $320,000,000 a year in excess taxes. The reason is they don’t understand the tax codes and the many benefits that are available to them.

To make this information widely available, Drew created a Web site where he shares valuable tips on protecting your assets and slashing your taxes to the legal minimum. When you go to the Web site you can download Drew’s 18 Page Special Tax Savings Report, his Entity Structuring & Tax Savings Tips (CD) Audio, and for a limited time you will have access to his 7 Simple Tax Slashing Strategies (DVD) Video. These complementary tax savings tools are immediately available to you in a digital format at (no cost to you).

One of Drew’s key points is that “it’s not how much money you make that matters, it’s how much you keep that counts.”

He points out that the two main wealth thieves are taxes and lawsuits. “Taxes chip away at your ability to build wealth,” says Drew. But lawsuits work kind of like this: everything is going along just fine. Maybe you’ve had your business for six months or a year. Maybe you’ve had it five years or a decade or more and everything seems to be going on the right track. But all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you get served with papers. You get hit with this lawsuit and it can be devastating, because within six months, you can go from the top of the top to the bottom of the barrel.

Not only does Drew provide tax tips, he also shows you how to bulletproof your assets. He’ll show you how to structure yourself in such a way that the bad guys would be worse off if they sue than if they had left you alone in the first place. 

Drew urges business owners to use two asset protection “power tools”, limited partnerships and limited liability companies, to shield their hard-earned money and businesses. These partnerships are separate legal entities and separate your personal assets from your businesses and investments, creating a firewall between you and the creditors and predators.

To find out more about the two steps to financial freedom, visit www.taxsavingstoolssite.com and learn how to protect your assets and work the tax system like the rich do.

-Your Tax Break Experts

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